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Become a Millionaire

You may be surprised at how relatively simple it is to become a millionaire.  There’s no secret to become wealthy. You just need to spare out small amounts from your pocket & invest it in a systematic & disciplined manner.


Plan for your Children's Future

Children future planning is all about arranging a corpus to meet known expenses like there higher education & wedding. Children’s education & marriage is amongst the most important goal in your life.

If cost of higher education e.g. MBA is Rs. 5 lakh today, After 18 years when your child is ready to pursue higher education, the same higher education will cost you Rs. 14.27 lakhs.

Our innovative tool will help you to find out

  • Whether your current savings set aside for this goal are sufficient enough to meet these goals or
  • How much additional amount you need to save & invest to achieve these goals

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Calculate your Savings

Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) may get complicated if you have just lost track, with our SIP Calculator, calculate NAV, number of units purchased, SIP Value & Index Value, all in a bifurcated systematic manner.   


Asset Purchase Goal

Owning your own house / car, whether it’s your first one or the one which you have dreamt of, can create a great sense of pride and accomplishment.  

Accomplishing of these goals requires planning. You should plan for these goals early. Our innovative tools will help you to plan for these goals.

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Live comfortably Post Retirement

Dying too early is a risk & living too long is another risk.  Retirement planning cater to the latter. People generally think of retirement planning as distant future goal however it is important to understand that this goal cannot be deferred for long.

It is important to plan for your post retirement due to shift to nuclear families & knowing that longevity is on increasing side.


You need to know

  • What is the corpus required to meet your post retirement expenses?
  • Whether your current savings set aside for retirement is sufficient enough to meet that corpus?
  • How much additional amount you need to save & invest to achieve that corpus?

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Compare Funds for better investments

There are a number of Mutual Funds available, confused which one to buy? With Reliance Securities Fund Compare Tool, you can now compare various available funds and invest in the best one suited for you.  

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