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Regular Stock Purchase Plan (RSP)

Regular investments go a long way.

Regular Stock Purchase Plan (RSP) is a disciplined and easy way to invest in the equity markets, which helps in accumulating wealth by marking small, regular investments. Our plan lets you invest in the market with pre-fixed amounts or quantities at defined intervals, in scrips of your choice, for a fixed tenure.

Our Regular Stock Purchase Plan (RSP) relieves you of the risks and pressures of timing the market.

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Get to know how Regular Stock Purchase (RSP) Plan works.

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​How RSP Works

New to Regular Stock Purchase (RSP) Plan? Get to know how it works.

Make regular and disciplined investment in your chosen scrip or ETF.

You can choose either "Amount-based strategy" or "Quantity-based strategy" for the given frequency.

The frequency of investment can be daily, weekly or monthly.


See how you can benefit from investing through RSP.

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Benefits of RSP

Benefit from investing through our Regular Stock Purchase (RSP) Plan.

Take advantage of rupee cost averaging

No burden of lump sum investment

No lock-in period; offers complete liquidity

Informed decisions based on our recommendations

Minimizes the risk of market volatility