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Bracket Order (BO)


bracket order is a special 3-leg order type which allows traders to place the main order as well as the stop-loss and the profit taking order, all in a single click.

For example: You wish to buy 100 quantity of stock A at Rs 200 and keep Rs 190 as stop loss and want to book your profits at Rs 215. Bracket order allows you to punch three orders at the same time – initiation buy order at Rs 200, stop-loss sell order at Rs 190 and square-off sell order at Rs 215.  


HOW Bracket Order WORKS

Understand how Bracket Order works.

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​HOW Bracket Order WORKS

Here's how Bracket Order works-

Bracket Order is available on request; client needs to submit his signed request in prescribed format. The format for activating the Bracket Order is available in the Download section

It is available in NSE cash and NSE FNO segment. The Bracket order is a premium feature offered to our customers. The charges are INR 5 per executed exchange order number which will be debited on daily basis.

There are three legs of Bracket order – initiation order, stop-loss order and square-off order. Apart from this, the customer has an option to punch stop-loss and square-off order either in absolute rupee or in ticks (1 tick = Rs 0.05).

You can select trailing stop loss if you want the stop loss order’s trigger price to get modified according to favorable price movement.

BENEFITS OF Bracket Order

Know how you can benefit from Bracket Order transactions.

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BENEFITS OF Bracket Order

Bracket Orders can save a lot of time which is spent placing separate orders.

Bracket orders are an effective way to manage risk and lock in a profit on an order that is yet to execute.

There is an option to trail the stop-loss if the user wants to move the stop-loss in favorable direction of the marker movement.


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