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Invest in equities to enjoy good returns.

The equity market offers a range of investment opportunities for you to take advantage of and enjoy high returns.

As our client, you get an added advantage with our innovative products that suit your investment profile and help you make the right decision.

Stay updated with the latest equity market news, limit losses with Max Multiplier and profit from delivery-based buying and selling with Cash and Carry.


Benefit from Equities

Know how you can benefit from investing in the share market.


Benefit from Equities

Delivery Cash: We offer delivery-based stock recommendations for long-term investments to avoid daily volatility in the stock market.

Trading Intraday: Based on market movement, we provide intraday live calls to help you trade efficiently and make profit.

After Market Orders (AMO): We give you an option to place orders even during non-trading hours.

Shares as Collateral: We give you the opportunity to trade using your demat shares as collateral.

Competitive Tariffs: Choose from our customized tariff plans that are designed to suit your profile.

R-Model Portfolio: Invest in a portfolio of stocks that are hand-picked by our team of experts.