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A derivative is an instrument which derives its value from an underlying asset i.e. Equity. Through the use of futures and options, it is possible to partially or fully transfer price risks by locking-in asset prices. However, by locking in asset prices, derivative products minimize the impact of fluctuations in asset prices on the profitability and cash flow situation of risk-averse investors.

Market participants are hedgers, speculators and arbitrageurs.


Derivatives Expertise

Futures and options contracts based on Equities, Indian/Global Indices and Volatility.

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Derivatives Expertise

Choose from our wide range of derivative products that offer futures and options contracts based on Equities, Indian/Global Indices and Volatility.

It also provides valuable information about the prices and expected price fluctuations of the underlying assets.

Technical and derivative analysis: Our team of experts provides a combined analysis report to give excellent results.

Smart Option Strategies: We help our customers to realize good returns by optimizing risk and protect them from sharp volatility.

Market Trends: Understand market trend basis Open interest and volume to cash-in the right opportunity.

Heatmap: Track the performance of the market based on built-up details and price movement.


The investor’s perception of the market volatility in the near term.


India VIX

Now make money without fear!

India VIX, India’s first volatility index launched by the NSE, indicates the expected market volatility over the next 30 calendar days. Volatility Index (VIX) enables investors to hedge, trade and arbitrage the expected volatility.

Higher the India VIX value, higher is the expected market volatility in the Nifty, a sign for investors to exercise caution. While a low value of India VIX signifies stability in Nifty values in the near-term. Tuesday is the weekly expiry day of VIX futures. In case the Tuesday is a trading holiday, the previous trading day shall be the expiry/last trading day.

Benefits of VIX

Hedging You can hedge your equity portfolios. Eg: If you have a stock portfolio on Nifty 50 and fear that stock prices are going to fall or volatility is likely to increase, you can buy VIX futures. So if the values of your stocks fall, a long position in India VIX will more than compensate for the dip in your equity values.

Portfolio Diversification-Investors can use this product as an instrument of portfolio diversification. During periods when high volatility in stocks is expected, India VIX is a good bet.

VIX futures enable investors to take directional views on volatility. For example, if India VIX is at high levels, it signals a large movement in Nifty values.


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