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Auction Market Participation

Exchange handles the shortages by conducting buying-in auction, where exchange buys short quantity from fresh sellers.

The Exchange is obligated to buy short quantity at whatever best price available and give delivery of these shares to the member whose client has received short delivery. Only sellers can participate in the auction and quote the price within the range. The list of securities which are available for auction are available on the exchange websites. The Auction market is from 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm daily on market days.



Know the benefits of Auction Market Participation

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BENEFITS OF Auction Market Participation

Generally auction settlement happens at higher than the prevailing market price.

Sellers can offer the securities at higher prices to the exchange rather than selling in the open market.

HOW You Can Participate

Learn how you can participate in the Auction Market Participation

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​How You CAn Participate

Clients willing to participate in auction market can do through by calling at Call and Trade or through mapped Branches Dealer / Franchisee Dealer.

The clients need to specify the quantity and Limit price to trade.

There must be free/pledge holdings in the client demat account of the quantity to be participated.


Shares as Collateral

Opportunity to use your Demat shares as Collateral.


Shares as Collateral

Opportunity to use your Demat shares as Collateral

Trade intraday in MIS or Cover order against the collateral value  

Invest in any stocks against collateral and measure the movement for next 6 days before deciding to either bring in the balance money or square off the position.

Lend the idle stocks in the portfolio and earn lending fee.

Employ option strategies like covered call or protective put to hedge their existing portfolio and gain incremental return.​ 

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​Call and Trade

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