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​FAQ​s​ on Offer for Sale (OFS)

New to Offer for Sale (OFS)?
All your doubts and questions, answered here.

What is OFS?
OFS stands for Offer for Sale. OFS facilitates promoters of listed companies to dilute/offload their holding in listed companies in a transparent manner with wider participation through exchange platform.

How can I invest/participate in OFS?
You can invest/participate in OFS with the help of your Reliance Securities trading account. You can login to your trading account & place bids under "Equity - OFS" section of our website.

What are the benefits of OFS over Follow- on Public offer (FPO)?
Online application, this does not require submission of any physical documents Minimum spread between application & allotment of shares Cost-effective Convenience of access and execution

Where can I view the details of the company coming up with OFS?
You can view the details like name of the company, seller name, bidding date, period, and floor price on exchange website. NSE http://nseindia.com/live_market/content/live_watch/offer_sale/ofs_sale.htm BSE http://www.bseindia.com/markets/PublicIssues/OFSIssuse_new.aspx?

Can I place Market and Limit orders under OFS?
You can only place Limit orders under OFS.

What do you mean by floor price under OFS? Is it mandatory for the issuer to disclose the floor price?
Floor price can be defined as minimum price at which you can apply under OFS. It is determined by promoter offloading the shares. Any order placed below the floor price will not be accepted. It is not mandatory for the seller to disclose floor price. In case where the floor price is not disclosed, there shall be no price band applicable for the orders placed under OFS.

Can I also trade under normal Equity segment in stocks which are eligible for Offer for Sale?
Yes, you can continue to trade under normal Equity segment for stocks available under Offer for sale on the day of such offer.

Can I place OFS orders at any time during the day?
No, you can place your bids only as per normal trading hours i.e. from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm. OFS is available for one trading day only.

Do I need to have sufficient cash in my ledger for placing orders under OFS?
OFS orders are placed with 100% cash margin. Therefore free funds are required to trade in this segment.

Can I bid for OFS against stock collateral?
No, OFS orders are placed only with 100% cash margin i.e. free ledger balance.

What will happen to the issue under OFS in case of market closure due to the incidence of breach of 'market wide index based circuit filter'?
In case of market closure due to the incidence of breach of 'market wide index based circuit filter', the OFS will be halted like regular trading. Further, if OFS market closes during cooling period there will not be any extension of the issue period under OFS.

Where can I view the orders that I have bid for OFS?
Once you have confirmed the Order placement under OFS you can view the Order status in the OFS Order book under Equity.

Can I modify/cancel my order under OFS?
Yes, you can modify/cancel your bids during the offer period. However, no modification or cancellation will be allowed during the last 30 minutes of the offer duration.

When will I receive allotment of shares under OFS?
You shall receive shares directly into their DEMAT account on allotment on T+1, where T is the day of issue.

In case of non-allotment, by when will I receive my funds?
Funds collected from the bidders who have not been allocated shares shall be released on T+1, where T is the day of issue.

Will I get contract notes for the purchase of his shares?
Contract note will be issued to you based on allocated price and quantity.

What are the charges applicable to me under OFS?
There are no additional charges to place your bids under OFS. Transaction charges, STT and other charges which are currently levied under equity segment would be applicable for OFS segment.

Can I buy and sell shares through offer for sale facility?
Only BUY bids of eligible stock is allowed under Offer for Sale facility. SELL is not allowed.

Is there any restriction on number of bids from single buyer?
Under OFS, there is no restriction on number of bids from single buyer.



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