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What is CNC?
CNC stands for Cash N Carry, which is also known as Delivery Trading. It refers to the arrangement where the trader needs to block the entire amount of required funds or shares at the time of order placement.

Who should use this product?
Cash N Carry product is best ​suited for:

Investors with a low risk appetite
Amateurs in stock trading, wanting to test waters
Investors looking at limited and completely safe exposure in stock markets

How does CNC work?
Under CNC, you can only buy stocks of amount present as 'Available Delivery Limits'. This is also known as clear ledger balance. You will be able to sell only those stocks which are available as holdings in your demat account.
For sell positions, we immediately increase your trading limit with the value of the sell trade. This helps in taking further positions in the market. Please note that we may require additional margin to cover for brokerage and other statutory charges

Can I sell any stocks bought in CNC on the same day?
Yes, You can sell the stocks bought in CNC on the same day. In such a case brokerage shall be charged as applicable to intraday trades.

Can In convert my CNC position to NRML or MIS?
We provide a Position Conversion feature, which helps you convert your CNCposition to NRML or Margin Orders (MIS) before specified cut-off time, subject to availability of required margins.

Can I buy securities against the proceeds of sales that I have done under CNC?
Yes, You can create positions against proceeds of sale done under CNC


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